Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009 serious nap needed!

Well My daughter was full of attitude for Halloween! A month ago she chose a witch for her costume and so like a good mom, I went and bought the fabric and started cutting. A few days before Halloween she decided she wanted to be a Vampire instead. I had already made the pettiskirt and the corset so I decided I would just add fangs and a little blood. No that did not do it! I put the fangs on her and she said she didn't like them! so then I put a little blood on her face and it scared her! she started screaming like it was real blood and she was the one bleeding! So after cleaning her face I had to make a last minute trip to Walgreen's to find the last witch hat in town! She did not want her picture taken and looks like Wednesday Adams with her sour little face. Jacob was fine but he Had to have the zombie costume from Kmart (daddy bought it for him not me!) so that is not mommy made. Over all I did get a few smiles! I think a nap before trick or treating would have been helpful!

Friday, October 2, 2009

action vida 007

action vida 007, originally uploaded by one crafty momma.

I know, I know, my daughter is so stinking cute! Farbenmix patterns really suit her personality and Vida is no exception. the cuffs are marabo sewn on to elastic to make a removable cuff and the leggins are a pair of witch tights from walmart that I cut the bottom off and serged a lettuce edge around the bottom. The bows have a marabo and skull center with tiny crystals of the skulls eyes. now I need to start thinking about her Christmas outfit.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Halloween BOOtique WIP

I love the farbenmix Vida pattern so I am making one for Hope for the fall festival this weekend. I thought I would show you what I have so far but I cant help but think something is missing. there is such a fine line between just enough and too much and my husband says he just doesn't get it. I had wanted a different design on front but it would not fit my hoop so I had to make due. Do you think it needs more applique does it look BOOtique?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Greenwood Bulldog bottle caps

bottlecaps 002, originally uploaded by one crafty momma.

These were fun to make. I had the images printed at Walgreens and then cut them with a 1 inch circle punch. I used a sticker maker and made them stickers and glued magnets on the back. Then I coated it with an epoxy resin and le it cure. I want to use them to make bows and key chains but these will be extras to go on Hope's snap cap choker and I will also use these at frigde magnets.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

family fun with water bottle rockets

My Husband was off today and was totally bored so we looked around the we for ideas and this is what we came up with. This old House has a really cool tute on how to make a water bottle rocket. I think the total cost today about 23 bucks and I had to sacrifice 2 2liter bottles of my diet Dr Pepper. Everyone in the apartment complex came out to watch and it shot up 40-60 feet in the air. The tutorial has you using a foot pump but we uses my husbands portable air compressor. Well here are the pics!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

backpack 006

Jacob and daddy! why do boys have to make silly faces in every picture! He is such a ham!
I really wanted to take her to school but she saw the bus and cried till I agreed to let her ride. then as she left I cried for about an hour. My last baby startting school! where has time gone! I wanted to make her a special outfit so I made Koyko by Patty Young this came out so cute I wish I could have gotten a better pic of the fabric I used a paris poodle dress and the bias and sleeves are from the sheet that I used as the main body of the back pack.

I am so glad that daddy was able to make it home in time to meet the kids getting off the bus. I just wish he could have been there in the morning when I cried like a baby, could have used some serious comfort!

backpack 006, originally uploaded by one crafty momma.

In addition to Patty Young's Koyko fom modkid, I could not resist buying the new book from Melly and Me called Kaleidoscope! It has so many super cute patterns! I just finished the Fairyland Toadstool Backpack from the book and here it is! Hope picked out the fabric. She wanted it to look just like the one in the book and was not happy that I did not have any stripe scraps for the door but she said it will do. I also added extra flowers (she wanted a bigger garden) around the door. I need to work on my applique I am a little out of pratice but I am still happy with the overall results. this was even featured on threadbangers back to school episode!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

love found

I have been looking for her for years and I finally found her unloved in a box after over 35 years, Introducing lucy, she is a 1972 kenner blythe more pics comming after the spa

Friday, July 31, 2009

picnicdress action shots

I cant get flicker to upload so I am posting Hope in her picnic dress here.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Settled in and back to sewing

Well moving has taken alot of of me, I still cant find anything now! I have such a small space and so much fabric, I have placed myself on a fabric diet! today I made this dress out of my stash. the denim top is from a skirt I cut up the belt and the straps are scraps from an old project and the skirt is from some cool vintage fabric that was given to me. It was only about 25 inches wide and wonderful quality, I believe it was from the 50's. After I was finished I realized that I have made the My Vintage Baby picnic dress! I havent been able to get action shots the kids and my husband has been busy making a volcano outside and so those will come later. but I love the way it turned out! I have just enough left to make a dress for her 18 inch doll.

I also got busy for the 4th and made Hope a cute halter top that says "I sparkle" and Jacob a t-shirt that says "my daddy my hero" the matching bows were really fun to make and I will be making more tonite to match the vintage dress!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Getting a little organized

I have been busy moving so I thought I would share some old projects that I did and posted on my old blog. here is the "bling shoes" I made for Hope. please excuse the bad pic it was taken with my camera phone.

I did do a tute on my other blog but in addition to the instructions make sure you wipe down the rubber with acetone. I have found this a necessary step with some brands of shoes. well anyway here is the tutorial.

Here is Hopes little apron. She loves to put it on and help me cook. I also posted it on my trials of a frazzled mom blog, but I just had to share here.
I need to finish the chef's hat and take some actions shots.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hope found?

On July 1, 2005 everything changed for my family. We were on our way to visit my husbands family when an 18 wheeler ran us off the road causing us to roll 8 times. All of us survived and miracles happened. My beautiful daughter that you see model for me was thrown 40 feet after her seat belt failed and only suffered a concussion. I am grateful every day for her life and excellent health and I know she is meant for something special after surviving that with so little injury.

I was not so lucky I was trapped in the car with the hood up against my throat almost decapitating me. When they got me out of the car we were taken to the hospital and I was told I was fine and just having muscle spasms and they would release me as soon as I got up and walked. I tried and my entire body went numb. I could only lift my arms about 2 inches and the pain was incredible. The doctor came in and made me feel like I was faking it! he said "since you wont get up and walk we will admit you for observation!" like I was wasting his time!

I was in the room alone. My family was was with my daughter where they should have been. at 4 am a cna came in and I told her I needed something for pain and she said she would tell the nurse. I didn't see anyone until 7:45! I jumped all over the nurse who was from the next shift and she said "we were in report you are a nurse you understand!" Yes I am a nurse and I never let someone suffer like that!

About 1 hour later my room was swarming with nurses and doctors and even the Nursing director. They were trying to put a collar back on me and not telling me what was going on. Finally a Neurosurgeon came in and explained that the radiologist had noted fractures in my neck and back and they were taking me in for more an MRI and CT. The MRI and CT reveled c-1, c-2, t-1 t-7 and occipital condyle fractures. Less than 1% survive fractures above c-3 and I had 3 of them. As a critical care nurse who has taken care of several patients with broken necks on vents, I have never seen any above c-3, and in school all that was mentioned was anything above c-3 was instant death! I could not wrap my head around my diagnosis how am I still alive and how am I not on a vent? Nightmares still haunt me to this day.

After a long painful therapy I can function and I am not a quadriplegic but the pain is incredible. People think I am fine, I avoid people on the days I cant get around. They just don't understand what they can see. I tried to go back to work but as the day my pain increases and by the end I couldn't even concentrate, who wants a nurse like that. Our finances are in a horrible mess and no one got the tags of the 18 wheeler so it all fell on us financially (just a vent here). I need some modifications to the house to make life easier but cant even afford that.

Every day I am in constant pain and I have been struggling with the loss of my identity and I have been loosing hope. This morning and while having my coffee I found this article and it brought me to tears! After reading this article I feel validated! She has moved on and that gives me so much hope! I must buy this book! so this afternoon I will be taking a trip into town to look for it.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

crystal chandelier for your Princess

I know I haven't posted in a while. I cant tell you how overwhelmed I have been! I am slowly but surely trying to redecorate the kids rooms. Hope had seen the crystal chandeliers that are all the rage now and wanted one but I could not afford the huge price tag that came with most of them. I found this old light for a dollar at a yard sale and decided to see what I could do with it I have toi say it was ugly brass and half of the candle covers were missing so I replaced those with pvc from the hardware store. I found acrylic beads at Hobby Lobby when they were on sale 1/2 price. I would have loved to make this with Swarovski crystals but it is for a child's room after all and I am trying to decorate on a dime here.

I am sorry that I did not take step by step pitures of this but I was just trying it out and not sure what I was doing at first so this was kind of an expirment that really worked out well! I hope you get the idea here.

1. first check the wiring and make sure it is safe, this one was but you can get rewiring kits if not. I had my husband to do this.

2. drill holes in the base of each cup where you want the beads to go. I drilled 4 in each cup and 4 in the top cup. I also had my husband to do this, power tools scare me! I think you can see where he drilled here.

3. . Paint the whole lamp in the desired color, I chose white. Woo hoo I can do this !

4. String your beads in a pleasant design. I strung 4 chains to hang from the top to each cup and then 4 chains to hook each up together 4 small chains to hang from each cup and then 4 chains with large decorative beads to hang from the lower part of the lamp. Not the best pic but you get the idea.

5. have someone who knows how to mess with electricity to hang your new chandelier and put in your energy saving light bulbs and there you go! A chandelier fit for a little princess!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Heather Bailey Patterns

I have been so sick since Valentines Day with pneumonia so the house is a mess and I am so behind on sewing but I was able to look at some new stuff to make (like I needed more).
Heather Bailey has some seriously cute patterns. I have just ordered the Happy Stacker and the fresh picked pincushions. I typically do not order patterns that are not instant download, I like instant gratification when it comes to patterns. I like it filed neatly away in my computer, but I just couldn't resist, I mean how cute are these! You can purchase the patterns Here" but I have been told it is not for the faint of heart.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

layered tulle twirl skirt sew along

In my cafemom group we decided to do a twirl skirt sew along and here are the results. I still need to applique a matching shirt to go with it and Hope was too sick to get action shots. I am hoping to get action shots this weekend.
This is the layered tulle twirl skirt from Dainty Designs that I purchased from YCMT . It went together fairly easy till I got to the gathering. Next time I will gather the 3 layers separately instead of together. I also added a ruffle to the peekaboo layer instead of the binding like the pattern called for.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Free Patterns

As you can tell I am totally addicted to You Can Make This. I love the site and I love downloadable patterns! If you cut to one size you haven't wasted the pattern! I did not know this but if you sign up for the newsletters you get like $75 in free patterns and some of them I had been thinking about buying! You can also purchase the outfit in the banner on the right. Hope fell in love with the skirt so I just bought it. I decided to get the bundle pack because it had the peasant shirt the corset and the hat together and it also had a pattern to make a matching outfit for an 18" doll which my daughter has been wanting so I think this will make a great birthday present. well here is the link

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Crochet on the go

my kids are notorious about loosing their hats. We recently took a trip to the wildlife refuge outside of OKC and I couldn't find their hats anywhere so I had to crochet all the way there to make sure they were covered and here are the results! Jacob was fine with his plain but Hope said it needed to be more girly so I clipped on a bow. for DIY instructions on making bows, beanies and other cool stuff check out YOU CAN MAKE THIS in my links you will also find a similar dress pattern there from my other post and of course the hats didn't stay around long, lol

Monday, January 26, 2009

busy busy busy!

Wow I have been so busy! I have made tons of dresses in 3 days I thought I would share a few with you. Hope is such a poser! She loves to model if only I could take good pics lol. You can find patterns like these at YOU CAN MAKE THIS in my links The 2 dresses she is wearing are so sweet and I cant tell you how many people want me to sew for them now. Hopefully the new CPSIA law will be ammended before August I can hang in till then and if you dont know what I am talking about you can read more about it here

Sunday, January 18, 2009

yarn spun out of newspaper

This is so cool it makes me want to learn spinning you have to check this out! they also have sugestions on what to do with it

I think I need to go here and sign up for spinning classes when I get the time!

I have been thinking about it anyway so now I am really inspired!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Peppermint Candy outfit

I made this for my dd yesterday She said it looked like peppermint candy! I am working on writting up a pattern for this to be avaliable on etsy I will also be writting up a tute for the jeans that will be avaliable here on my blog. I have made a new years resolution to make almost all of the kids clothes or recon the old ones. I will be posting tutes and other fun stuff here. for other Ideas you can check out my other blog at