Saturday, August 8, 2009

backpack 006

Jacob and daddy! why do boys have to make silly faces in every picture! He is such a ham!
I really wanted to take her to school but she saw the bus and cried till I agreed to let her ride. then as she left I cried for about an hour. My last baby startting school! where has time gone! I wanted to make her a special outfit so I made Koyko by Patty Young this came out so cute I wish I could have gotten a better pic of the fabric I used a paris poodle dress and the bias and sleeves are from the sheet that I used as the main body of the back pack.

I am so glad that daddy was able to make it home in time to meet the kids getting off the bus. I just wish he could have been there in the morning when I cried like a baby, could have used some serious comfort!

backpack 006, originally uploaded by one crafty momma.

In addition to Patty Young's Koyko fom modkid, I could not resist buying the new book from Melly and Me called Kaleidoscope! It has so many super cute patterns! I just finished the Fairyland Toadstool Backpack from the book and here it is! Hope picked out the fabric. She wanted it to look just like the one in the book and was not happy that I did not have any stripe scraps for the door but she said it will do. I also added extra flowers (she wanted a bigger garden) around the door. I need to work on my applique I am a little out of pratice but I am still happy with the overall results. this was even featured on threadbangers back to school episode!

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  1. Wow, it's fantastic :-) I just need to find a little girl to make one for!! Hope is going to have so much fun with it.